Primarily, this page is for fellow scrollers.  The internet contains a wealth of scrollsaw plans, a great deal of which are FREE, with many plans downloadable at the point of purchase.  The downloadable plans are usually in a JPG or PDF format.


Due to copyright restrictions I'm not able to offer the same free downloads but have provided some links to enable you to download the plans for yourself.


Representation of plans available on the internet

Download a FREE copy of Acrobat Reader here

  Links to Plan Suppliers



What used to be called 'Accents in Pine' offers a wide variety of free and purchased plans in a variety of subjects.  Plans can be printed straight off with no waiting around.



Gary Browning has provided lots of inspiration to many people in the art of scrollsawn portraits.  His web site contains several free plans (some of them appear above).  Amongst some Patriotic Plans are his free pattern archive where you can download a series of well known American celebrities.



The Winfield Collection offers some really fun plans and you'd find it hard to find such good value as their Pattern Club.  I've made many things from the Winfield Collection and all of them have been well received.



The Cherry Tree has stacks of plans in several subject areas including clock, silhouettes, lamps and intarsia.



Another Gary Browning web site.  This one is an MSN 'Scrollsaw Portrait' Group web site which contains a forum and many FREE scrollsaw portraits (some of which appear above).  As Gary says "The site contains the best atmosphere you could ask for in a scroll saw club".  



Scroller have produced their online catalogue to enable you to click on the items that you'd like and eventurnthe pages by clicking on the buttons.



SK WoodWorks offer some free printable plans including some Christmas ornaments



A good range of silhouettes and children's furniture.



Scrollsaw Workshop magazine has a link to their archives so that you can conveniently download FREE patterns, charts and other useful information






Offers free woodworking plans, free furniture plans, free scrollsaw plans and woodworking plans for beds, benches, bookcases etc

Jeff Greef Woodworking offers a variety of woodworking projects and techniques available to you at no cost, as well as plans for sale. You may print out the free ones, but only for the purpose of building the project yourself.






A directory of Web Pages containing FREE wood working plans which you can build yourself.




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